Fuel cell engineering services

In response to the fuel cell power requirements of different customers in various application scenarios, integrated design of stack structure, optimized fluid distribution design, proposed modular technology for rapid assembly, developed integrated sealing technology, and mass-manufactured fuel cells for high specific power vehicles Lay the foundation.

Fuel cell test service

H-rise has an advanced fuel cell test center, with more than 50 sets of testing equipment for material characterization, single cell and reactor, covering automatic fuel cell test stands with power levels from 100 W to 250 kW. H-rise can provide customers with a complete fuel cell components and reactor testing and evaluation services. 

Electrochemical workstation, High frequency impedance instrument, High speed data acquisition instrument, High and low temperature coolant circulation machine, High and low temperature humid thermal environment test chamber, High power reactor impedance analyzer, etc.

After-sale service

Diagnosis and preventive maintenance use the big data platform to analyze the operating status of the fuel cell stack in real time, enabling remote fault diagnosis and problem handling of the power system.