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Preventing trouble from "unburned" -- escape, evacuation and fire fighting drill of hydrogen morning

Safety is the first foundation of production efficiency. In order to enhance the fire safety awareness of employees and 'kill' the signs of various fire hazards in the plant in the embryonic stage, on June 18, 2021, hydrogen morning technology organized all employees to carry out a fire emergency escape, evacuation and fire fighting drill. With the theme of 'strengthening emergency drill, improving emergency awareness and enhancing emergency capacity', the fire accidents in production workshops and office areas are simulated. It is committed to enabling employees to enhance safety awareness and master the operation methods of fire-fighting equipment, so that emergency measures can be taken accurately according to the specific situation of fire danger, so as to improve the fire extinguishing, escape and evacuation of employees in the early stage of danger.

Time: 10:30 am, June 18, 2021

Participants: all employees of hydrogen morning technology and foreign customers on the same day

Scene simulation: the electrical circuit fault of the warehouse at the South Gate of the production workshop caught fire, igniting the items in the warehouse, and the fire spread beyond control. There was a southeast wind that day, and the fire spread endangering the production workshop and office area.

Ten minutes before the drill, Ding Hao, engineer of EHS department, conducted pre drill training for all departments to explain evacuation skills and drill division for all employees. General Commander Bai Yunfei, deputy general manager and all units return to their posts for standby.


At 10:30, the exercise officially began. Orange smoke gradually gushed out of the plant, and the harsh fire alarm signal sounded, which strained the nerves of all drill personnel, and all parties responded quickly. Everyone quickly covered their mouth and nose with wet towels or skirts and sleeves, lowered their posture, evacuated along the specified evacuation route, and gathered and lined up at the evacuation point as soon as possible. The power-off team immediately went to each area to cut off the power supply. Thanks to the detailed and comprehensive emergency preparation, the actions of all parties are carried out safely and orderly after the simulated fire. Within five minutes, all employees evacuate the site safely, arrive at the evacuation assembly point and count the number of people by department.


 Photo: the power-off team went to each area to cut off the power supply.


Figure: simulate a fire in the warehouse and organize the production staff to evacuate the workshop in an orderly manner.


Figure: all employees arrive at the evacuation assembly point.

Then, all employees turned to the South Gate of the company and lined up to start the second round of oil pan fire-fighting drill. The engineer and commander in chief of EHS department explained the use methods and precautions of fire extinguishers to everyone.

Each group shall hold fire extinguishers within 2-3 meters of the ignition point in sequence, stand in the upwind position and crosswind position and line up to extinguish the fire. The safety officer shall guide everyone to hold dry powder fire extinguishers to aim at the root of the fire source and carry out the actual operation of fire extinguishing from far to near, so that the employees can really master the use method of fire extinguishers through personal experience, Effectively improve the organization and handling ability of employees for fire fighting, and deeply popularize the common sense of fire fighting and other fire fighting.


This fire drill adopts the form of highly combination of theoretical training and practical operation to enhance employees' understanding of fire safety at the drill site, further understand and master the use methods of fire-fighting equipment, and improve all employees' awareness of fire hazards in the plant, emergency rescue skills and comprehensive quality of emergency response in the face of fire, A 'safety net' has been set up for the follow-up work and life, and the good effect of prevention has been achieved. At the same time, the fire drill also exercised the organization ability, command ability and adaptability of the principals of each warehouse and workshop of hydrogen morning technology, and provided a new guarantee for the orderly and stable production of the factory.