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Hydrogen morning technology won the "hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology innovation award"

Developing hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles is a major strategic measure to achieve 'carbon peak' and 'carbon neutralization' in China. Fuel cell heavy commercial vehicle is an important breakthrough in the implementation of the above strategy. Metal plate fuel cell has the potential advantages of high power density and high output power, which has attracted great attention in the industry.

On the morning of June 9, 2021, the second 'hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology innovation award' was announced at the fcvc 2021 plenary meeting. Relying on the technical R & D advantages and leading engineering design and trial production capacity of fuel cell stacks for more than ten years, Shanghai hydrochen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. won the second prize of 'high-power metal plate fuel cell stacks for heavy commercial vehicles'. This represents the consensus of the whole hydrogen energy industry chain and the upstream and downstream of hydrogen fuel cell industry chain on hydrogen morning technology enterprises, products, technologies and other aspects. We also hope to further explore various commercialization scenarios in the field of commercial vehicles and create fuel cell products that really meet the needs of the scenario.


“ Second prize of 'heavy commercial vehicle high power metal plate fuel cell stack'


On the same day, the launch ceremony of the action initiative of fuel cell vehicle urban agglomeration was held at the plenary meeting. Dr. Yi Peiyun, general manager of hydrogen morning technology, attended as a representative to witness this moment together with the representatives of hydrogen energy industry chain
Launch ceremony of fuel cell vehicle urban agglomeration action initiativ


Intelligent design technology of high performance and high power vehicle fuel cell stack

Establish a digital database of fuel cell design, integrate the design mechanism of fluid mechanics, electrochemistry, chemistry, heat transfer and electricity, and realize the intelligent design of fuel cell. The power of fuel cell stack is ≥ 150KW, the power density is ≥ 3.5kw/l, and the durability of fuel cell stack is ≥ 10000h.


Intelligent manufacturing technology of vehicle fuel cell

Based on the information integration system, establish the fuel cell manufacturing process database of different batches and models, comprehensively use the real-time perception and defect identification technology, drive the real-time intelligent adjustment of the manufacturing process with the output performance information of the stack, form the flexible manufacturing of the fuel cell, realize the collinear production of multiple types of stacks, and reach the annual production capacity of 10000 sets.


 Fuel cell stack intelligent demonstration workshop

Combined with the diversity, repeatability and other production characteristics of metal plate fuel cell stack, the intelligent manufacturing workshop intelligent unit construction of metal bipolar plate fuel cell stack is realized through the planning of workshop physical space and virtual space, so as to realize the collaborative integration of information flow (Internet), material flow (Internet of things) and business flow (Internet of things), On the software platform, model the human, machine, material, environment and other equipment resources in the physical space, build a virtual workshop consistent with the physical workshop, and continuously improve the manufacturing activities of the intelligent demonstration workshop.

At the C01 exhibition site, the exhibit brought by hydrogen morning technology is a 150KW fuel cell stack developed for the application needs of medium and heavy commercial vehicles, which uses the high-power continuous operation technology of metal plate high-power stack, and solves many problems in the application process of high-power metal plate stack. Three core technologies, including design and control technology for high economy, non-destructive low-temperature start technology for alpine environment, long-life reactor material system and water heat balance technology. Hydrogen morning technology h2150f fuel cell stack can be applied to long-distance heavy truck vehicles with more than 36 tons, and has been put into market use.